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Schools who have trusted Let's language.

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What  leaders say about the courses.

I met Dunja Chamberlain at the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) in Graz as one of the Graz Group experts in CLIL/Multiliteracies. She later came to Greece and gave a two-day workshop titled “Content and Language Integrated Learning – A Pluriliteracies Approach to Teaching for Learning”, a workshop which was organized in the framework of ECML’s cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Education and took place in Larissa, Greece on 16-17 May 2019. All participants declared that they had greatly benefited from Ms Chamberlain's presentations, materials, resources and activities as well as from her own active participation in classroom activities, simulations, discussions and group work.

Ms Chamberlain is a very practical, hands-on educator who establishes very good rapport with her trainees and motivates them to get the most out of any activity they engage in.

I greatly recommend her as an educator and trainer and an expert in CLIL and Multiliteracies.

Marina Kollatou

Principal of the 3rd Senior — High School of Larissa, Greece

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