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Helping schools meet the language needs of today.

Andrade, 2006

Language fluency is a major determinant of successful integration and lessened trauma in a new culture.

"40% of school-aged children do not have access to education in a language they understand."

UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring Report

In the last few years, schools have witnessed an influx of students who do not speak the language of instruction.

The road to integration is a challenge for all: the L2 students, the whole educational system and our society. Strategies to accommodate new students, such as creating intensive language classes before gradually integrating students into regular classes, hiring new language specialists for support and providing the necessary resources are put in place. However, once students join regular subject classes (ie: geography, mathematics, music, history and science), they struggle to understand and keep up with the flow of new information and content.

Are your teachers having difficulties making their subject accessible to all their students?

I have the solution for you.

I have the unique expertise to effectively equip your school's educators with the tools and strategies needed to ensure that deep learning occurs.

Why should you choose Let’s Language?


I will bring you extensive worldwide experience as an educator.

I have lived and worked in international schools around the world for the past 30 years where I have gained a strong and diverse educational experience. For the past 13 years, I have been the Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning and the Curriculum Head in the Middle School of the International School of Geneva in Switzerland. My duties included promoting high standards of teaching and learning, overseeing the collection of data as evidence of student learning, and giving individualized coaching sessions to teachers.  I also implemented a dual language program in our school and conducted a detailed analysis of the implementation of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) evaluation of the implications of teaching a subject in L2. 


I will bring you extensive expertise and understanding on how to give successful workshops.

For more than a decade, I have been designing and delivering bilingual professional development workshops covering a wide range of pedagogical practices. Beyond my involvement with 'Let’s language,' I serve as a CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) expert for the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe (ECML). In this capacity, I engage in thorough research on CLIL, Pluriliteracies teaching, and the role of languages in the curriculum. My emphasis lies in devising strategies to enhance the language element in subject learning, as well as fostering the development of cognitive and academic literacies.


I will bring you many strong attributes.

I am a dedicated professional, offering strong support, effective communication, and active listening skills.

The well-being of students and teachers is a priority for me. I seek for them to believe in themselves and their pedagogy, to feel that their contributions matter and to feel supported in the projects they are interested in. Accompanying teachers and being available is very important to me. I strive to bring ideas and solutions to the questions and doubts they may have and guide them in their growth as educators.

“When you provide learning and support for your teachers, you communicate that the school community values the work they do and wants them to grow.”


Today, more and more schools prefer the option of inviting a consultant or

offering in-house professional development.


The professional learning can be targeted to the unique characteristics and needs of their students, classrooms, school and community.

All the teachers in the school end up with the same understanding and terminology of the new learning.

It allows the creation of collaborative professional learning communities (PLC) to ensure that the new learning is applied and “sticks” for a long-lasting period.

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